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About Us


Todd Anderson

Todd was born in Casper Wyoming and raised around Ely Nevada. Growing up in eastern Nevada brought out his passion for the outdoors including big mule deer bucks and bighorn sheep. He also found a love for riding and the ranching lifestyle. He  competed in the bareback riding through high school and beyond, with a short stint travelling to PRCA rodeos around the area. North Spring Valley was where most of his time was spent riding, trapping and hunting. A few years after high school found him in central Idaho where packing horseback into the Idaho wilderness became a favorite pastime. A new job opportunity in Gillette found him making his way back to Wyoming where he has called this area home for a little over 20 years. He met his wife Kendra while in Gillette and the two of them, sharing the same passions have found their place. His 5 kids and 3 grandkids are something he is very proud of. When not messing with his horses you will find Todd building something, fixing something or on the mountain looking for big bucks.


Tomi Kissack

Tomi Kissack was born and raised in Montana. She grew up in Three Forks, a small town outside of Bozeman. Most of her time was spent outdoors camping, hunting and fishing with her family if she wasn’t participating in sports. Once she graduated from High School she went on to college at the University of Montana, Missoula and did numerous things during her time there. Fighting Wildland Fire was an amazing adventure and feat for her. She traveled all around the states and met a lot of new friends. She finished her teaching degree in Mathematics in 4 years and started looking for jobs. Gillette Wyoming was last on her list but came out first when the decision was being made. It was God’s grace that she made it to Gillette and it was His grace that she found Garrett. A mutual friend set them up on a blind date and she loved that cowboy from that day on. The two got married in July of 2016 and now have two beautiful daughters. Tomi decided to quit her career teaching and opened her own business as a Boutique Owner. She started Rusty Nickel Boutique in 2019 because she wanted to stay at home with her girls. She is now living the dream snuggling her girls in the morning and shopping for clothes all day! 


Garrett Kissack

Garrett Kissack was born and raised in Gillette Wyoming and graduated from Campbell County High School. Growing up he lived and breathed horses. In elementary school he rode his horse to and from school. Through the summer months he helped Pickrel Land and Cattle Co. Garrett has not only been working the ranch side of things he worked with Burch Rodeo Co. in many different avenues. He has gathered bucking bulls and horses and been to rodeos all over the country. He has had his PRCA Bullfighting card along with his PRCA Pick Up Man card. He has worked for Pickrel’s every summer since he was eight years old and once he graduated high school he hired on full time and has now been with them for ten years. Garrett has since begun building his own cattle herd and horse program. He also loves to hunt. If he could spend all his time hunting, he would do it in a heartbeat. If he isn’t working for the ranch he is hunting. He spends all of September and October guiding hunters for Four Horse Outfitters. Garrett met his wife, Tomi, in 2015 was married a year later and now they have two beautiful daughters. He hopes his girls have the same passion for livestock like he does. 


Kendra Anderson

Kendra Anderson was raised in Big Smoky Valley, Nevada. She grew up riding and ranching in Smoky Valley and Monitor Valley as well as playing sports. After high school she went to college for brief time then started working for Round Mountain Gold. Her adventures in life lead her to Gillette, WY, where she met Todd Anderson.  Together they have five children and three grandchildren. Kendra graduated from Gillette College and is continuing her education. She is self-rmployed as a Nail Technician and the Project Manager for the Office of Economic Transformation. Sitting still is not something Kendra knows how to do. When not working, you will find her in the kitchen with her family, hunting in the mountains with her husband, riding her horses, loving her dogs, working on her property or with a book studying.

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