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March 17, 18 & 19, 2023

Welcome Consigners!

Please be read through our Terms & Conditions before you fill out our Consigner Form!


By submitting a consignment form, Consignor agrees to the terms and conditions set forth below and swears that the information furnished regarding this entry is true and correct. Consignor further agrees that he/she has absolute and complete title/ownership to the entry listed in this document. If Cowboy Country Horse Sale is required to resort to legal action to enforce the terms of this contract, consignor agrees to pay attorney fees and costs associated with or arising from such action. This Consignment Agreement is to be construed as to form, substance, and procedure in accordance with the laws of the State of Wyoming, and the consignor and consignee hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction and venue of a court of competent jurisdiction in Campbell County, Wyoming. 



a. As owner of the horse(s) consigned in any sale consignor understands that he/she maintains ownership until the sale is final and at which time ownership transfers to the buyer. Consignor understands that Cowboy Country Horse Sale, is acting as the consignor’s agent only and thus bears no responsibility or liability for ownership of the horse(s) at any time during the consignment process. Consignor does hereby release and hold Cowboy Country Horse Sale, harmless from any and all responsibility and/or liability from any claims or legal action of any type arising from anything associated with this consignment sale and does further agree that should any such arise, the consignor will cooperate fully with Cowboy Country Horse Sale to fully absolve them from any responsibility or liability which includes taking any steps necessary to legally defend them against claims or lawsuits. Cowboy Country Horse Sale acts as agents only and is not responsible for buyer/seller error or misunderstanding.

b. Consigner warrants by signing the Consignment Terms and Conditions that CAM-PLEX, Cowboy Country Horse Sale, its board members, staff and sponsors are not responsible for any injury, loss, theft or damage which may occur to the Consignor, or Consignor’s property from any cause whatsoever. The Consignor expressly release CAM-PLEX, Cowboy Country Horse Sale, its board members, staff and sponsors from all claims for loss, theft, damage or injury.  


3. WITHDRAWAL OR REJECTION: Cowboy Country Horse Sale reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason. Catalog fees will only be refunded if rejected prior to the cataloging. Once cataloged, rejection, or withdrawal may come only as a result of unsoundness or “unfit for sale” conditions, with a vet release, the entry may be made substituted on approval of Cowboy Country Horse Sale. 



a. Any irregularities or unsoundness of any kind must be made known to Cowboy Country Horse Sale when consigning to the sale. Cowboy Country Horse Sale is hereby authorized to announce any such findings before the horse is sold. Violation of this clause gives the buyer the right to return the horse to the consignor for a full refund, the consignor must forfeit the commission and accept the horse as unsold. 

b. Consignor must provide Coggins results within 6 months of the sale, Brand Inspection specific to the sale, and Health Certificate within 30 days of sale on all horses consigned in the sale during the check in process. 

c. For any registered horse, Consignor is responsible to ensure paperwork is provided to allow buyer to transfer registration into the buyer’s name. If for any reason any registry disputes / declines transfer of ownership; the consignor is required to provide a fair resolution to the buyer.

d. All guarantees are strictly between the buyer and seller. 

e. All sales are final.


5. LIABILITY FOR ILLNESS: I understand and agree that Cowboy Country Horse Sale does not assume and will not accept any liability for injury, illness, or accident to any animal listed and/or consigned for sale, on any grounds provided by Cowboy Country Horse Sale. 


6. TRANSMITTAL OF DOCUMENTS: The completed consignment form/fees must be received by Cowboy Country Horse Sale to secure a spot in the sale. All registration certificates, transfer reports, breeder’s certificates, foal applications, professional quality photo and video must be submitted to Cowboy Country Horse Sale by March 1, 2023. All forms must be signed by the owner or legal agent. Cowboy Country Horse Sale will withhold payment to the consignor until the consignor furnishes to Cowboy Country Horse Sale all necessary documents for the transfer of the horse to the new owner.



a. I agree to pay according to the fee schedule listed below 

    i.    Catalog/Consignment Fee – nonrefundable $300.00

    ii.   Commission Fee - 8% of selling price or a minimum of $250.00

    iii.  Applicable brand inspection fees 

    iv.  No Sale Fee - $500.00


b. I do hereby agree that Cowboy Country Horse Sale is authorized to deduct the selling fees and commission from the proceeds when making payment to me.  

c. I agree that if I sell the entry at the venue that the sale is being held, either before or after the animal has been through the sale ring, the transaction will go through Cowboy Country Horse Sale and commission will be paid. 


8. PAYMENT OF PROCEEDS: I hereby agree Cowboy Country Horse Sale will tender payment to me in full for this consignment, having made the necessary deductions listed in these Terms and Conditions of Consignment, however Cowboy Country Horse Sale is not required to make payment to me until the buyer has made satisfactory payment to Cowboy Country Horse Sale and until all payments from the buyer have cleared the bank. In addition, payment will not be made until I have furnished Cowboy Country Horse Sale all necessary documents for the transfer of the horse to the new owner. 


Instructions for Submitting Consignment 

•   Consignor should complete the Online “Consignment Form” located at for each horse.

•   If consigning multiple horses, the page will need to be refreshed after each horse is submitted. 

•   Once “Consignment Form” is submitted for each horse, payment for the Consignment fee(s) should be made via the payment button above the form on the page……   this will have to be completed based on what the webpage looks like for payment.

•   Once Consignment is received, Cowboy Country Horse Sale will send consignor a confirmation email advising if the horse has been accepted or not into the sale. In the case Cowboy Country Horse Sale does not accept a horse or mule that has been consigned, the consignment fee will be refunded at that time. Consignment fees will not be refunded for any other reason. ​

•   Contact information for the consigner will be public on our webpage, catalog and Facebook for prospective buyers.

*Consigners! PLEASE make sure you send at least one professional picture and a video in the PROPER FORMAT when uploading to the Consignment Form! (Or paste your Youtube URL in the description section).
*If you are UNABLE to do so please EMAIL all photos and videos directly to us at with the horses name in the subject line! 


Cowboy Country Horse Sale is here to create a stress free environment for both buyer and consigner 

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